Serradella Curb Appeal!

Looking to DIY some upscale wedding rentals for your event? Wondering if you can pick things up yourself?

If you're a Craigslist fan, you may know what a "Curb Alert" is. Random stuff, by the curb, free for the taking. Well, we're announcing a new service we're calling Curb Appeal. It's somewhat the same but it's not random stuff, it's not exactly by the curb, and definitely not free . . . but you get the idea!

Here's how it will work: 


First, exclusions apply based on product. Some things just require too much care to transport. 


Second, items must travel in a pre-approved, covered vehicle and client is responsible for proper supplies (tie-downs and blankets) to ensure safe transport of our items. We can give you guidance regarding the size of the vehicle/trailer you would need to transport your order and conveniently, there is a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer exactly one mile south of the Warehouse. Located at the Route 66 Oil Change, 4645 S. M-66, they can be reached by calling 231.536.7625.


When it's time for your event, we’ll work out mutually exclusive times for picking up and dropping off or supply you with instructions to access the Warehouse.


Once items leave our warehouse, you are responsible for their care. Any damages or losses incurred during transport or on-site at the event will be your responsibility.  Some additional fees apply, please inquire for full details.