General Questions and Policies

Do you have a minimum?

For delivery items, yes. We have minimums of $1200 and $1500 based on how far your event is from the Warehouse. There are no minimums for picking up at the Warehouse, just requirements regarding proper equipment for transport and an understanding that some items are excluded.

Do you publish a price list?

No. We think our rentals are more than a commodity. They play a big part in your wedding story and contribute to your guests' experience. We understand potential clients are curious about price, however, so we're happy to create an estimate for you. Start by completing the form on the Hitt'us Up page where there's a place to indicate you're interested in rentals. We'll get back with you and you can tell us more about your vision and what individual items we have that you'd like included on your estimate. Be aware that an estimate is no guarantee of product availability. (See "How does the reservation process work?" for a deeper dive into this topic).

How do I make an appointment to visit the Warehouse?

Visit the “Hitt'us Up” page and submit the form indicating you're interested in visiting the Warehouse and we'll get back with you to schedule an appointment. We host guests all year round but be aware the Warehouse is not heated in the winter months - which, for Nothern Michigan is pretty much half the year. Make sure and dress appropriately and allow extra time for traveling our unpredictable roads.

How does the reservation process work?

So the basic steps are as follows: Start by requesting an estimate. This will let you know if what you're interested in meets our minimums and if renting from us fits into your budget. When you've a pretty good idea of what you'd like to rent (see also "Can I change my initial reservation?"), ask us to create a quote for you. We'll check availability of items and send you a quote which will hold the items listed for 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year. You have until the quote expires to complete a contract and submit the requested retainer. Completion of these two steps is what turns your quote into an official reservation and guarantees (subject to the terms of the contract) that the items on the quote are yours for your event. If your quote expires (midnight on the last day) without you completing a contract or submitting a retainer, items are once again considered available and are offered to the next client who requests them.

Will I get what I want?

Although tempted to insert a famous Rolling Stones song here, we won’t. Because most of the time the answer is “Yes”. Even if you’re not the first client with a reservation, we’ve found over the years that tastes and visions vary enough (and we’ve got enough stuff) that there’s usually plenty to go around. The biggest exception would be tables, chairs, and benches. They are popular among everyone and are often the first to go, so reserve them early!

Can I modify my initial reservation?

Once you have an official reservation, you may modify your reservation in keeping with the terms of our policy outlined in the contract.

How long is the rental period?

The official “rental period” is defined as the total amount of time the items are in your possession and under your care. The fee you’re quoted is a flat fee for the whole time you have things, not a “per day” fee.

What about delivery?

Variables like accessibility, set up requirements, venue restrictions, distance traveled, size of the order, and crew/equipment requirements all factor into your delivery costs.
Specifics regarding the timing of your delivery are NOT worked out until the week of your event as weather, other deliveries, and venue requirements are considered.
We may require a site visit before quoting delivery to any private location or venue we’re unfamiliar with. We reserve the right to assess a fee for this service to cover associated costs. If you want one just to be sure we won't have any trouble, simply ask and we'll schedule something. Covering our costs to come out ahead of time will not only make for a smoother delivery on your Big Day, it'll be cheaper than fees we have to add for encountering last minute issues or unexpected challenges.

Can I pick things up myself?

Yes, for most items. Items must travel in a covered vehicle and client is responsible for proper supplies (tie-downs and blankets) to ensure safe transport of our items. We can give you guidance regarding the size of vehicle/trailer you would need to transport your order and conveniently, there is a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer exactly one mile south of the Warehouse. Located at the Route 66 Oil Change, 4645 S. M-66, they can be reached by calling 231.536.7625. Once items leave our warehouse, you are responsible for their care. Any damages or loss incurred during transport or on-site at event will be your responsibility. Pick up orders will be assessed a Warehouse Prep fee to cover the cost of our staff pulling the items and preparing them for your event. We’ll work out a mutually exclusive time for picking up and dropping off or supply you with instructions to access the Warehouse.

What if something gets dirty or breaks?

First and foremost, bring it to our attention. If it's something that can easily be repaired or cleaned, we'll do it. If it requires a professional to fix, it will be your responsibility. Just be as careful with our things as you are your own, and things will go splendidly.

Can I move things after you deliver them?

We don’t mind you moving things, as long as you use great care and understand that the liability is yours.

What about specialty items and custom builds?

I pride myself on being the girl who can find anything. See something on Pinterest you can’t live without? Have a crazy idea? Just ask. I either know how to find it or I can figure out how to make it cuz I’m the kind of girl who puts power tools on her Christmas list. I’ve made arbors, keg walls, flower walls, chalkboards, more things than I can recall. Heck, I even turned the front end of a 1957 school bus into a bar. If your special piece needs to be found or built, I’m the girl to do it.

What can I do with my rentals?

You may do anything you wish with items and use them in any manner you’d like as long as you do not cause significant alteration or damage. There’s a big difference between sticking a push pin in something and pounding a nail in it. When in doubt, ask. And if you’re wondering about using things outside . . . keep reading.

What about using things outside?

When you’re dreaming and designing the perfect day, it includes perfect weather and the perfect setting. And we wish that for you, we really do. But! This is Michigan. Home to 11,037 inland lakes and, according to the DNR, 219 name worthy swamps. This means an eco-system prone to wetness and climate that can turn on a dime.
If you’re going to rent items that aren’t designed to spend their life outside and aren’t easy to replace, you have to make a plan for taking care of them. Rain is the most obvious nemesis, but overnight dew can be just as destructive. Baking all day in the hot sun is also bad. And we’ve had clients that this came as a surprise to, but fire and upholstered furniture don’t mix. Lounging next to a campfire enjoying s’mores while seated on a sofa is glamorous, but NOT a good idea. Neither is dancing on anything other than the dance floor.
Ask yourself this: Would you haul your own dining table, chairs, couch, etc., outside onto the lawn and leave them there all day and all night, unprotected? Probably not. And that’s the reason we have to insist on a plan for keeping your rentals clean, safe, and dry.

But I waaaaant to use things outside, so can I?

First and foremost, let us know what you’re thinking of doing. Communicating a plan is the most important element. If the weather forecast is beautiful and your vision includes a lounge area for people to sit and relax, away from the party and under the stars, we actually do that a lot. But you have to HAVE A PLAN for keeping things dry if the weather changes, and secure at the end of the evening. The one hard and fast rule: tables and chairs must ABSOLUTELY be used inside, under a tent, or at a minimum you must have one reserved and on stand-by before we can rent to you. We get it. we really do. But imagine the chaos of trying to quickly shelter twenty tables and 200 chairs, to say nothing of flowers and place settings and guests, if the sky opened. You’re going for memorable, but not that kind of memorable.
Discuss with us what you’re planning and we’ll make sure it’ll work. Be a realist when you look at the weather and concede early to that iffy forecast. Plan for clean, safe, and dry and things will go splendidly.

What costs make up my total?

Your rental costs will consist of product, delivery, and any appropriate handling fees (generally assessed on tables, chairs, and benches). Fees for any "extras" depend on the overall scope of the project but you can expect a quote to include the cost of intellectual property, time spent communicating with you and other vendors, the cost of any materials or specialty items purchased for your event, fees associated with any custom builds we undertake, and an hourly rate for setup and tear down. Some items/services require special handing such as the Bell Tent and the ice cream cart. Pricing for specialty items varies according to the event's requirements.

I need someone to make things pretty - can you help?

Oh, my gosh! Yes! We've been making weddings pretty since before Pinterest was born. Complete the form on the Hitt'us Up page and indicate you're interested in vignette curation. We'll reach back and get the (disco) ball rolling. Relax! Help is on the way!

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