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How can your event be different

and unique if what you're using

to decorate it isn't? 

You're not going to rent your tent from us, you're not going to find folding tables in our inventory, and we don't own a dunk tank, although we DO have a really cool, vintage ice cream cart. Seriously though, our inventory is first on the list of what makes us different.


No one sets out to have Cousin Lauren's Wedding 2.0., but it can and does happen. If you don't include specialty rentals on your list of wedding must haves, you'll quickly discover your choices are confined to basic and blah and have been used by hundreds of clients before you. 


Here at Serradella, we think that's boring and we work hard to supply our clients with choices no one else offers. We spend the winter months researching trends and determining what's fresh and new and different so that you can use our inventory to tell your unique story in an equally unique way. 


At the risk of sounding booshy, we offer a service called "Vignette Curation". That's basically our fancy way of saying, "let us take our stuff and make elements of your event really cool, extraordinary, and tailored to you". Because when you combine our boutique inventory, our eye for design and throw in some mad fabricating skills, you've found a brand that can give you something different.


Think Hobby Lobby vs. Etsy. Mass produced vs. personalized. Vanilla vs. double chocolate crunch with cashew pieces, a ribbon of caramel, and coconut sprinkles . . . you get the idea.

Need a tricked out lounge area that includes more than just furniture? Want your cake displayed on something other than a boring table? How about your seating chart? Want a bar that reflects your style and makes a statement, unlike the plastic one your venue provides? See something on Pinterest that you love but can't figure out where to get it? We've got you. We can take almost any element of your event and make it personal in a way that will have eyes popping and jaws dropping.

And if the vision calls for flowers (and what one doesn't?), we partner with Amy Kate Designs to pull it all together and knock it out of the park.  

The bottom line is, we understand your desire to create an experience for your guests and we know what a huge part aesthetics play in making it something they'll remember. We excel by focusing on what makes us unique and that's our collection and our ability to put it together in new and fresh ways that reflect our clients' personalities and event goals. Let us know you have an interest in our vignette curation and we'll show you all the ways we can be oogoogly!




Serradella is NOT your run-of-the-mill rental company

and there are three things that set us apart from the crowd.


Skill Set